Impossible to miss the staff, with the Keepeek mariniere

In the Claranet offices, welcome you will be

the Keepeek staff is getting ready

Participants arrive

and, action!

Thomas Larzillière explains how Keepeek has used Agility

Carole Marlot and Victor Yam before their presentation

Thomas Larzillière answers some questions

More questions

Questions time

Workflow discussions

More questions

The Renault teams celebrate the Boards launch

A good occasion to talk with the Keepeek developers or the CEO

A good spirited event

The beautiful Claranet offices were perfect for discussions

Discussions after the presentation

Conversations with the Keepeek Team

A pleasant and gourmet moment

Discussions between the Keepeek teams and participants

Participants more interested by conversation than food!

Conversations with the PSA media library managers

Boards, boards, boards!